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DVD Distribution

11 Apr
Thought I should write a little about what’s been happening to the film since we released it on DVD.
When launched in December 2012, customers immediately snapped up copies. Our December was spent mailing orders across the globe, as well as sending stock to stores and outlets such as Fopp, the Filmhouse, Blackwells, Avalanche Records, Monorail, Coda Music, Love Music, and Angus Gordon hair salon which continues to sell DVDs to its lovely clients.
Great feedback came in praising the artwork (courtesy of the multi-talented Angela Milton) and the style of the film on this format. Our friends at re:fine once again had done an amazing job.
Since 2012 we’ve continued to sell DVDs. Scotland has provided the most customers, which, considering we’ve screened here 49 times (out of 57), is greatly rewarding. But we have also posted DVDs to Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
Wonderful feedback keeps coming in. We delighted, honoured, chuffed to bits our Edinburgh love story has screened to a world-wide audience and continues to reach new people.
Thank you!