“The film to make before I die had to be for my home city and had to be a love story. Lyre collaborated with actors, found a budget and the most talented, creative, passionate people we could – THE SPACE BETWEEN is the film we made together.”

Filmed over 17 days, for only £15,000, THE SPACE BETWEEN was written & directed by Tim Barrow, producer of award-winning Scottish road movie THE INHERITANCE. Lead roles are taken by Tim and Vivien Reid, who makes her screen debut after an extensive career in theatre, and they are joined by David Whitney, a fast-rising star of stand up comedy. Tim, Vivien and David first met when training at Drama Centre London, and began developing this Edinburgh tale in early 2009.
Shot beautifully by cinematographer Chris Martin and edited by the amazingly patient Anthony Bueno, THE SPACE BETWEEN premiered at Filmhouse on Thursday 10 March 2011 to a sell-out audience. Screenings followed throughout Edinburgh at cinemas, art galleries, theatres, cafes, community centres and both city observatories on Calton Hill and Blackford Hill, before touring Scotland. The film has now notched up 57 screenings, including  in Berlin, London, Newcastle and Oxford.
Artist Halla Groves-Raines provided extensive artwork for the character of Lisa and an exhibition of her work ran at Flaubert Gallery in March 2011 whilst the film screened in Edinburgh. This exhibition was hosted by Genesis cinema in London when the film received its London debut in January 2013.
The eclectic soundtrack was provided by talented Edinburgh music-makers, who include Fiona Rutherford and Freemoore. Sound mixing was undertaken at Molinare by the inspirational Dan Johnson, and the picture was colour-graded at diROOM by multi-talented Lajos Pataki.
Stills photography was shot by artist Louise Lacaille, whose exhibition documenting the film ran at Henderson’s Cafe in Edinburgh. Subsequently, her work was displayed at Genesis cinema in 2013.


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