Cast & Crew


A Film By Lyre Productions


Story by Vivien Reid, Tim Barrow and David Whitney
Written & Directed by Tim Barrow
Director of Photography  –  Chris Martin
Art Director  –  Halla Groves-Raines
Editor  –  Anthony Bueno
Sound Design  –  William McLaughlan
Dubbing Mixer  –  Dan Johnson
Executive Producers  –  J & J Barrow
Associate Producer  –  Lucy Barrow
Producer  –  Tim Barrow


Cast (in order of appearance)

Young Girl  –  Jennifer Longville Taylor
Young Boy  –  Richard Longville Taylor
Jo  –  Charlie Walker McClimens
Steven  –  Tim Barrow
Lisa  –  Vivien Reid
The Man  –  David Whitney
Lisa’s Mum  –  Ann Johnston
Patrick  –  Garth Williams
The Goth  –  Gregor Douglas
The Girl  –  Nicola Jo Cully
The Barman  –  Colin Scott Moncrieff
Chef  –  John Purves
Observatory Engineers  –  Jimmy Elliot, Brian Woodward
ROE Canteen Workers  – John Barrow, Trevor Back, Dr Mike Barker, Professor Jim Dunlop, Eleanor Gilchrist, Dr Stuart Lynn, Derek Rush, William Taylor, Bruce Young
Buskers  –  Emelle



Assistant Director  –  Matt Stephens
Sound Recordist  –  William McLaughlan
Make Up Design  –  Gillian Johnston
Stills Photography  –  Louise Lacaille
Post Production Grading  –  diROOM
Colourist  –  Lajos Pataki
Post Production Supervisor  –  Jules Bodenstein
Composer  –  Fiona Rutherford
Songwriter  –  Freemoore
Songwriter  –  Nathaniel Slade
Additional Songs  –  Gethin Kitchener
Sound Engineer  –  Dave Gray at The Sound Cafe
Sound Dubbing  –  Molinare
Script Editor  –  Simon Rhodes
Catering  –  Juliana Humphries, Gillian Walker, Jo Barrow
Cramond Bistro  –  Lorraine, Rebecca and Holly
Royal Observatory Fixer  –  Eleanor Gilchrist
Creative Consultant  –  Claire Bueno
Action vehicle  –  Matt Kinsella
Equipment Hire  –   Kitroom Monkey, London
Our thanks to the contributors
Val & Peter Barrow; Eric, Gillian, Dylan and Sophie Walker; Paul, Ella, Saskia and Kaya Barrow; Steve and Trina; Robin, Lou, Daniel, Chloe and Naomi Barrow
Special Thanks
The Royal Observatory Edinburgh, which comprises the UK Astronomy Technology Centre of the Science and Technology Facilities  Council, the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Edinburgh and the ROE Visitor Centre.
Special Thanks
The Earl of Rosebery and Dalmeny Estate
Grateful Thanks
Joachim Koester, “Tarantism”; Angus Johnston and Gordon Black; Nicholas Groves-Raines and Kristin Hannesdottir; Carrie Maginn, Cheryl and Sam at “Stills” Gallery; Dan Hillier; Jonathan Burrow, Dalmeny Estate Office; Jo McStay; Paul McAuley, Edinburgh City Council; Cathy Dignan, Parks Department, Edinburgh City Council; Fiona Devlin, Community Parks Officer; Kimberley Hicks, Historic Scotland; Richard Findlay and staff at Tods Murray; Grahame and Richard Harris at the Old Original Hotel; John Arthur, Crew 2000; Tom Hardy and Louis Thomas Hardy; Charlotte Riley; Max; Scott McFarlan; Theatre 503; Steven Duffy; Imtiaz and Parveen Ali, GT Store; Mohammad Arshad at Leith Walk Fruits; Trinh, Sean and Huong at Yumchaa; Rob Watkins, diROOM; Christopher Fettes; The Lads and WAGs; Charles-Henri Belleville; Wendy Steven; Derek and Anne Gilchrist and Camilla Watson for Flaubert Gallery; Edinburgh Film Focus
An Extraordinary Mention of Thanks
James Taylor, Catherine Taylor, Paul Taylor



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