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Interview with Vivien Reid

7 Jan
An inspiring interview with Vivien Reid features in the latest newsletter from her old school Edinburgh Academy, where our film screened on 13 June 2011.

Production stills from the 2009 making of The Space Between.

Vivien Reid is the stage name of Nicola Johnston.
Check out pages 19-20 for her fascinating interview.
Edinburgh Academy newsletter


Another London success!

19 Oct

Last Tuesday THE SPACE BETWEEN screened at Century Club in London.

The screening was presented by Vivien Reid, who took part in the Q & A, along with editor Anthony Bueno. Here she gives her thoughts on the event.


It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to screen THE SPACE BETWEEN with the members of The Century Club, in Shaftesbury Avenue London last week. We were invited to launch a new exciting film event, which focuses purely on the art of Independent filmmaking.

The aim of the evening is to give filmmakers a platform to introduce their independent film to a new audience, and engage in conversation afterwards in a Q&A. It also gives the audience a chance to discover films the might never have heard off. This wonderful collaboration is between Nigel Stowe, General Manager of the club, and Rebekah Smith who runs the company The Film Festival Doctor.

The evening was a huge success for all involved, and yet again our film ignited huge discussion afterwards. People were full of praise and so intrigued by our story. It was a pleasure to again share THE SPACE BETWEEN with audiences in London and spread the importance of Independent filmmaking.


Thanks to Vivien, Anthony, Gillian, William, Claire and all who attended.

Details of further screenings and events will be posted here soon.

New London screening!

10 Oct

We are honoured to announce THE SPACE BETWEEN will screen at the Century Club as part of the new ‘Discovery Screen’ collaboration with Rebekah Smith (Film Festival Doctor).

Official poster for THE SPACE BETWEEN

The screening will take place on Tuesday 15 October.

7:30pm for an 8pm start.

A post-screening Q & A will feature the film’s leading actor Vivien Reid, as well as editor Anthony Bueno.

This marks our film’s 3rd London screening and we’re delighted to once again be showing London audiences our Edinburgh love story.

Many thanks to Century Club, Vivien Reid, Rebekah Smith and Nigel Stowe for making this wonderful event possible.


4 May

As THE SPACE BETWEEN reaches the end of its tour – after 57 screenings, followed by audience Q & A’s, followed by fantastic conversations full of praise for our film – it makes sense to document how we achieved what so few independent films achieve – a theatrical release.

Firstly, we kept control of our work. Filmmakers know best. They put their heart, skills, savings and soul into their projects, and there are no better guardians.

And secondly, we set no timescale. This film needed to find audiences, so we went to find them.

We built our contacts through our debut film – award-winning Scottish road movie THE INHERITANCE – and these we worked with to distribute our follow-up film. We premiered at (and sold out) Edinburgh’s Filmhouse – our spiritual home – and then screened throughout the city in art galleries, cafes, community centres, theatres, universities and both the city’s observatories. The reception was amazing and put our indie film on the map.

We then blitzed cinemas in Scotland – deciding to distribute the film to our homeland and build up a following. Cinema programmers were intrigued and gave us slots to show the film. We contacted local press and film / theatre / arts societies, inviting them along. We received a decent box office share from every screening. I personally hosted each screening and took part in the audience Q & A afterwards.

Audiences came and the conversation flowed. And people offered their opinions and praise. And we discovered that THE SPACE BETWEEN chimed with audiences of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, tastes.

We contacted more cinemas. We contacted film societies throughout the UK. They’re interested in indigenous film-making and gave us slots. They have good venues, good projectors & sound systems, and big community audiences who love film.

We were invited to Berlin to screen at Korsobad – a fantastic arts venue which the British Council supported us to attend.

The film was invited to Shetland Film Festival, curated by Mark Kermode. We were invited to screen at Oxford University, in Magdalen College. We premiered in London at the beautiful Genius cinema in Whitechapel, and then returned after we sold it out.

After 2 years, 55 screenings, countless pieces of heart-felt praise, we released the film on DVD. All sales are valuable – recouping the budget and going into the pot for making future work.

We are not alone in making self-distribution work – film-makers all over the world are discovering new ways to find audiences. With energy, belief and hard, hard work, film-makers can distribute their films in cinemas, where their work looks most at home. A revolution is happening in film, and indie film-makers have never before had more possibilities to show their work. The future looks incredibly exciting.


For a full list of screenings or to purchase the DVD, see our pages above.

Amazing Review!

7 Mar

Following a fantastic second screening at the amazing Genesis cinema, our film receives this excellent review from The London Film Review.


Many thanks to David Ollerton.

An excellent audience Q & A followed the screening, the 55th of our tour.

People praised the cinematography, the gorgeous locations, the hope of the story. And of course the performance of David Whitney as THE MAN created its usual stir…

Return to Genesis!

27 Feb

Following its sold-out London Premiere, our film returns to Genesis cinema!

Genesis poster

We’re excited to return to London where our Edinburgh love story will be screening on Tuesday 5 March at 7pm.

Features an audience Q & A with the filmmakers.

Tickets available HERE

or by calling 0207 780 2000

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Screening at Oxford University

10 Feb

We are greatly honoured!

THE SPACE BETWEEN has been invited to screen at Oxford University.

The film will show at Magdalen College on Friday 22 February.

Screening starts at 2:30pm and is followed by an audience Q&A with Writer / Director Tim Barrow.

All welcome.  Details are found here:

Oxford Film Screening

See you in Oxford!


London poster

4 Feb

Here’s our poster displayed at Genesis cinema for our London premiere.

Which we sold out!

Genesis poster

Looking at home among the other week’s releases!


London success!

29 Jan

We sold out our London Premiere!

Amazing reception for our film!

Wonderful post-showing Q & A with Tyrone Walker-Hebborn!

Only downside is the queue of people we had to turn away who hadn’t booked tickets!

Genesis signboard

Attending the screening were a great number of cast & crew, friends and supporters, industry and East End film fans, many of whom discovered the beautiful Genesis cinema for the first time. Fantastic catching up with people and introducing them to our Edinburgh love story.

Our exhibitions of artwork by Halla Groves-Raines and photography by Louise Lacaille remain on show for the next few weeks.

Planning another London screening very, very soon. Watch this space…